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We offer a variety of aircraft engines, propellers, parts and overhaul services and carry a large stock of Yakovlev & Antonov parts.

Our aircraft services assist prospective buyers and we have a variety of aircraft for sale either directly or indirectly.  Our extensive network of contacts provides assistance when looking for something difficult to find. 

*** FOR SALE - WALTER M601-D11 ***

We are currently selling a low time Walter GE M601-D11 that requires an overhaul.  Logs present to 2007, approved maintenance to 2014.  This engine is currently mounted to a Grumman Ag Cat.  Engine run up video from November 2017.

TTSN: 5862.4, TBO: 146.4, Overhauls: 4

Last maintenance certificate: 05/06/2014.

Contact us to discuss IRAN / overhaul options, pricing and timings.  The engine is available now and the owner is ideally looking for an M601-E11.


Welcome to Yak-aviation. We've been selling aircraft, engines, parts and propellers since 2003 and here, we bring information about these products and services together for those interested in Russian and Eastern European aviation.

Whether you are interested in aircraft, engines, overhaul services, links, contacts, trips and events or simply looking to test fly a Yak, then hopefully we can help put you in the right direction.


Be our guest and have a look around; especially if you new to aviation and have just qualified with a PPL(A).  If you are thinking about purchase options or the possibility of owning a more complex aircraft beyond the more common Cessna & Piper aircraft, then this site might inspire you to take your investigation to the next level.  

Part-owning a Yak with other likeminded aviators can bring a new world of aviation experiences into your life.


For many, the process of importing an aircraft from East to West can be fraught with issues and concerns. However, it is not as difficult as you might think and it could be your best option, especially if value for money is your imperative.

For those less adventurous, use of a respectable agent can pay dividends and give you purchase peace of mind.  Buying a share in a group or generally cost sharing in a Yak group can also be highly rewarding for the more cost conscious.


Feel free to contact us with your questions; we're less sales led than other more prominent players in the market and happy to take your questions and help where we can.

About half of the enquiries we receive are requests for spare parts and projects that require bespoke assistance, but many are also about our aircraft investigation services.  If you're not sure, drop us an email or use one of our contact forms, perhaps we can help.


A range of Antonov aircraft now for sale.  Including An-24, An-26, An-26 and An-32A.  


Thank you, you will now receive our infrequent stock updates.

*** WANTED: WALTER GE M601 ***

We are currently looking to acquire a GE Walter M601-E11 variant with a healthy TBO time remaining. Please get in touch with a sensible offer if you are interested in selling your unit.  We are only interested in engines within calendar life and at least 500hrs TBO remaining.  Current engine log book and maintenance certificate must be available.

Yakovlev YAK 18T

Imposing 4 seat touring aerobatic aircraft.

If you are used to an entry level aircraft that is typically club owned student trainer, then from the late 70's-80's era, then why not consider taking a step into a more complex type.

Yakovlev YAK 52

Highly capable 2 seat intermediate aerobatic aircraft.

The Yak 52 provides plently of punch with its 360hp radial humming up front. Not the fastest of aerobats but certainly a delight to own and fly and more nimble than many.

Vertical T1

6 seat modified Yak 18T capable of some serious range.

The 750ehp Walter M601 provides over twice the power of the traditional Vedeneyev 360hp radial. Expanded fuel capacity and flexible seating layout make this turboprop conversion robust and ready.

Antonov AN-2

14-seat durable high-lifting World famous bi-plane.

An increasingly rare site in the skies these days.  We carry a healthy stock of An-2 parts and engine items.  We can overhaul many existing parts and instruments.


We are always looking to understand how we can help our visitors and clients better. Kindly give us some feedback using the simple form below, it should only take 2 minutes.  

Your answers can help us offer a better service.  By completing this survey, you will not be sent unsolicited emails or marketing content and none of the information you provide will be supplied to any 3rd party, in any form, without your prior written consent.


The aircraft you've flown, the sights you've seen, all those happy landings, the places you've visited & the scenery snapped - all in one place.  Let us compile your flying memoirs, images and video into an amazing online visual journey that you can share with friends and across all of your devices.


Mr Alex Berry, Director
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Office hours: 09:00-17:30 GMT
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Mr Sergei Aleksandrov, Director, Yak-aviation
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Office hours: 09:00-17:30 EEST
Mobile: +38 (5777) 54553 (Russian)

Whether you are looking for small parts, an aircraft, cockpit cowlings, propeller blades, parachutes, cockpit glass, undercarriage legs, doors or any other part for a Russian or Eastern European aircraft then why not give us a try.

If we do not carry the stock you are looking for, our extensive network of contacts through Ukraine, Russia and Poland can be conveniently tapped to locate what you are looking for.

Office hours: 09:00-17:30 GMT


Thanks for contacting Yak-Aviation. We will get back to you as soon as possible.