Useful Links

Please let us know of any useful links you have to other Russian, Eastern European and Yakovlev web-sites –


A good range of Yak models for sale, although information must be requested via email

An excellent, well established aircraft sales site. The large number of categories have aircraft in them, and it is well worth registering if you are looking for an aircraft or want to sell one

As above but also includes dealers and a number of strong links to other aviation industry related web sites. An excellent site


Russian site that clearly overhauls aircraft inside and out, including extended tanks, cabin design, painting and overhauls for Yakovlev aircraft

Another good site if you are looking to buy or advertise an aircraft. As the name suggest, it is also particularly good for selling Russian sport/aerobatic aircraft

Aircraft Performance (Reims Air Race)

An excellent reference site for the 18T, clear and simple

Aviation.H1 Russia

Link as above with s simple spec. sheet for the 18T and some photo's. Site contains details of several Russian Aircraft

Reference page from the Yakovlev Design Bureau. Links and details to many Yak types, an excellent reference site for Russian aircraft, not far off an encyclopaedia of Yakovlev aircraft!

Aeroconcept Trading

A good site for various Russian aircraft. Relates to the Yak 18T as the only certified 4-seater aerobatic in the World!

Clean and simple. Quite informative, great site for looking at Russian aircraft to buy but no price information. French site in Paris

Fighter Factory

Has some very interesting history for those with the interest...

Good site with various Yak models for sale!

Imperial Bank

Has a full Yak 18T flight test report

M-14P Engines

Information about the development and production of the engines


Simply a very basic page about 18T's, very basic with a small amount of information about wing tip tanks and 3-blade prop.

Nerka Ltd

Russian aircraft sales and overhaul site. Short on information about aircraft for sale.

Red Sky Aviation

Old site, does not appear to be updated and contains very basic information. Have a look if you want to see a couple of good photo's though!

Red Star Aviation (Australia)

Good site with lots of info for the Australiasian market. All about Russian aircraft and has some good images, prices and aircraft for sale

Richard Goode Aerobatics

Well established and informative site about Russian aircraft, aircraft for sale, maintenance and overhauls etc. Essential resource.

Sky corner on

Good military and civilian sections, even has some weapons info, but don't get any ideas! Home page is -

Contains a Yak-18T test report, pictures and cockpit, not bad


Good, informative site especially if you are looking for Russian aircraft maintenance or parts. Short on aircraft pricing and information.

The Virtual Aviation Museum

Another great site for aviation history. A wealth of aircraft categories, No Yak links purely because it focuses on European aviation.

General comments for improvement welcome...

Links to various Yak sites, cool!

Guess! The site is far from complete and does not look like it has changed for some time. Probably not worth your effort unless you have time to kill!

Yak Pilots Association

Good informative site for Yak pilots but the classified section is more or less dead at the current time. Members are charged a fee.

Yak UK

Essential site for those interested in Russian and Yakovlev aircraft. Some great resources. Must register/email to receive aircraft quote.