Engines For Sale

We either stock or can source the following types of engines and can offer them in used, overhauled/0-timed or part-exchange condition -

  • Ivchenko AI-14RA 9-cylinder radial piston engine (260hp)
  • Vedeneyev M-14B 9 Cylinder Radial Engine (300hp)
  • Vedeneyev M-14P 9-Cylinder Radial Engine (360hp)
  • Walter M601-B Turboprop Engine (760hp)
  • Shvetsov ASh-62IR 9 Cylinder Radial Engine (1,000hp)

Many of our enquiries are also about repurposing these engines and we are frequently asked to supply items for museums, universities, experimental aircraft and many non-flying applications.

Vedeneyev M-14P 360hp, 9-Cylinder Radial Engine

Many Yakovlev aircraft types have the M-14P powerplant fitted e.g. Yak 50's, 52's, 18T's, 55M's.  An excellent engine with renowned robustness and reliability. These radial engines may be somewhat different to what you are used to.  For a start, the airfield presence that these engines create; is a delight to many, it also offers a tremendous power to weight ratio.  

The M-14P was originally designed in Ukraine and is still in production today. They deliver an impressive vocal tone and have a high power to weight ratio. They underwent seriously gruelling tests in order to deal with the extremes of the Russian and Siberian climate; so they are tough and reliable.

They are reasonably economical for the power and considered among the most powerful of light aircraft engines. Uprated M-14P engines and V530TA-D35 propellers include the M-14PF with 400hp and a fuel injected version, M-14R offering circa. 450hp, often accompanied with German 3-Blade MTV-9-260 propellers instead of the V530TA-D35's. Although the standard M-14P/V530TA-D35 combination is quite sufficient, the uprated engines require an uprated propeller. Some owners prefer to have that little bit of extra performance in reserve for improved cruise, climb and STOL performance.

Walter M601-B 760hp, Turboprop Engine

After a significant research period, Vertical identified the M601-B turboprop engine as the ideal powerplant to power its new aircraft T-1. The light weight to high power ratio provides sufficient power to lift 6-people comfortably away from grass fields and lakes and achieve a cruise of circa. 320 km/h. The powerplant is well established and is often found fitted to, amongst many others, the L410 aircraft.

M-14B (300hp), 9-Cylinder Radial Engine

We are also pleased to announce that we have M-14B 300hp 9-cylinder radial engines for sale, typically for the Yak-12/12M. It is largely the same as the M-14P except its delivers less horsepower, is more economical, has a different carburettor and a fixed, as opposed to variable pitch propeller. This engine can be supplied with or without an alloy AV-14 3-blade fixed pitch propeller.