Aircraft Safety Parachute Systems

Aviation and Safety have and will always be strongly associated. The design of many aircraft safety systems originated from Space Satellite re-entry parachute systems.

Some of the research that went into making the braking and safety systems operate at extreme atmospheric re-entry velocities have gone into making today's more common aircraft safety parachute systems safe and available to the general aviation community.

We are pleased to announce the availability of these fast acting safety parachute systems for all light aircraft, gliders and helicopters; especially Cessna 150/152/172/182/210 etc., Piper PA-28/32 etc., Yak-18A/18T/50/52/55, Vertical T-1, Su-26/29/32.

These systems are produced at an aircraft manufacturing factory where the quality and reliability of the products is ensured. They have robust firing devices that ensure extremely rapid deployment, even at low altitudes and can function within the complete range of g-loads.

The devices function without maintenance for two years. Depending on the aircraft, it is possible to mount the systems internally or externally. They can be deployed at up to 13,000ft if necessary, weighing 66-72lbs for aircraft under 2,100kg.

Don't make safety an afterthought!