Replacement & Extended Wing Tanks by Vertical

We offer extended fuel tank options for Yak 18A/18T/50/52 and Vertical T-1 aircraft.  All of our extended wing tank options are manufactured by Vertical using a thicker and strong grader of aluminium than the original tanks.  We also sell replacement fuel tanks for existing tanks that have degraded and have started leaking.

For the Yak 18T and Yak 18A the enhancement boosts the wing fuel capacity by 66%, yielding over 6hrs duration with reserve in the economical cruise II 200-220km/h configuration.  As you can see in the diagram, we insert two new 65 litre fuel tanks into the wings thus boosting the fuel capacity from 193 litres to 323 litres.

The original fuel caps are fixed in place and new caps are fitted further out along the wings. The fuel system is fully connected and fed into the original tanks. The fuel gauges will not be altered and will register full until the new outer tanks become empty.

For the T-1, due to enhanced power being available, we can increase the fuel capacity by a further 100-160 litres by inserting another two new fuel tanks further out towards the wing tips.

We are also pleased to offer extended wing tanks for the Yak 52 and Yak 50 aircraft.  This enhancement boosts the fuel capacity by 120%.  Again, we insert two new 60 litre tanks into the wings and in so doing, boost the fuel capacity from 90/100 liters to 210/220 litres. This is achieved without changing the wing construction or adding bulbous wing tip tanks.  This option does not alter the aerodynamic characteristics of the aircraft but when the tanks are full, the additional weight will clearly have an effect on general performance.

Please note, we do not offer the baggage or rear seat fuel tank extensions.