Avia V508-B 3-blade

The V508-B propeller is a hydraulic three-bladed, constant-speed, full-feathering, reversible and within the entire pitch range continuously variable-pitch propeller.

The pitch range of the propeller blades operate in two separate function zones: the zone of flight regimes controlled automatically by the RPM governor and, the operational zone of landing and reversing regimes controlled by the hand of the pilot, i.e. by a so called beta-pitch control situated on the throttle lever.

Direct pitch-changing of the propeller blades is the basic principle of the propeller operational security system. Counterweights fitted around the propeller blade fixing sleeves are overbalancing the propeller blades during rotation to their bigger pitch angle.

Thus any undesired increase in propeller speed is hindered in the case of a malfunction; such as a considerable drop or even loss of hydraulic oil pressure in the propeller pitch control system.

The propeller is supplied with an electric de-icing system for the leading edges of the propeller blades. The de-icing is effected by a direct current led to the blades by means of an axial twin-ring electric transmission system.

The propeller is standard and unmodified. Suitable for Walter M-601 Turboprop engines.

You may wish for the propeller and spinner to have a specific custom paint scheme. We are happy to accommodate your preferences or you can opt to work with our designer to come up with a new option based on the current scheme of your aircraft.

Therefore the propeller package comes with spinner, your choice of paint scheme and a certificate confirming that the propeller has passed an absolute balance test.