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Many Yakovlev aircraft types have the Vedeneyev M14-P powerplant fitted. It an excellent engine with renowned robustness and reliability. These radial engines may be somewhat different to what you are used to and the airfield presence that these engines create; is a delight to many


The Vedeneyev M14-P is a Russian 9 cylinder, four-stroke, air-cooled radial engine. It produces a maximum of 360hp.  Its design is a development of the successful and less powerful Ivchenko AI-14 engine range.  The M14-P has recently become increasingly popular in experimental aircraft and kit designs such as the Murphy Moose, Radial Rocket, Pitts Model 12, and others. It was used extensively by the Yakovlev and Sukhoi Design Bureaus.

The M14-P was originally designed in Ukraine and is still in production today.  Original units in good condition are now difficult to find on the open market and command high prices.  They deliver an impressive vocal tone and have a high power to weight ratio.  They underwent seriously gruelling tests in order to deal with the extremes of the Russian and Siberian climate; so they are tough and reliable.

They are reasonably economical for the power and considered among the most powerful of light aircraft engines.  Uprated M14-P engines with Speriott V530TA-D35 propellers include the M14-PF with 400hp and a fuel injected version, M14-R offering circa. 450hp, often accompanied with German 3-Blade MTV-9-260 propellers instead of the V530TA-D35's.  Although the standard M14-P/V530TA-D35 combination is quite sufficient, the uprated engines require an uprated propeller.  Some owners prefer to have that little bit of extra performance in reserve for improved cruise, climb and STOL performance.  

Price: M-14P USED €16,000
Price: M-14P OVERHAULED (with Part Exchange) €20,000
Price: M-14P OVERHAULED €24,500

Note: we do not offer the M14-PF or M14-R engine variants and do not supply MTV propellers.


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