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The development and nurturing of strong, strategic relationships with our suppliers is a critical success factor.

Yak-aviation and its suppliers, essentially, the sellers in a brokering arrangement, are mutually dependent, and consist of relationships that amplify our ability to create client value. Strong supplier relationships are critical to a company’s overall success and make smart financial sense.   

We have spent considerable time building up our network of suppliers which enable us to quickly identify the which supplier products are the most suitable to put forward for a particular brokerage deal. What our clients need from us is a fluidity in the aviation market; whether they are interested in engines, parts, propellers or aircraft. They come to us to tap into a wealth of options without having to spend weeks or even months on market and product availability research. As acquisitions become increasingly complex, each client wants to be in safe hands and know that they have a team of people working hard on meeting their requirements, often within very short timescales.

A good supplier network allows us to source products quickly, but a strong supplier network allows us to source the best products in the industry. Safety is a fundamental concern across the entire aviation industry and along with that comes manufacturer’s certification and MRO approval’s and compliance with aviation standards around the world. Our suppliers are keen to sell their products at market rate and we work hard to ensure that this rate is fair and tenable. In some cases, we negotiate prices down to lower the client acquisition cost and this forces suppliers to reconsider their competitive position, especially when they lose bids.

Our approach ensures that we’re only asking suppliers to concede margin to remain competitive. Similarly, experience has proven time and again that both clients and suppliers often have unrealistic expectations about the value of the products they are looking to acquire or sell. As brokers, our aim is to normalize the playing field and strike deals only when they make sense all round.

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Yak-aviation brokers aircraft, engine, propeller and parts deals globally.  

We are committed to providing a responsive, first class service treating buyers and sellers with the upmost professionalism.  

We constantly seek the best outcome for all parties to the transaction.

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