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Each propeller manufacturer provides overhaul guidelines by calendar months or flight hours.  If the propeller passes visual inspection, it will be disassembled and the parts fully cleaned.  

As prescribed by the respective overhaul manual, the blades and various other reusable components are measured for length and thickness tolerances as measured at specific stations or distances from the bottom of each blade.

Measurements are taken on all of the relevant components and recorded as part of the overhaul documentation. The process involves stripping the blades back and fully inspecting them and repairing or enhancing them as appropriate.

The overhaul manual for each manufacturer has an established list of parts that must be replaced at each overhaul, this includes seals and o-rings, mounting studs and nuts, blade ball and needle bearings.

The propeller is then reassembled to the specified torque values and blade angle settings where appropriate. It is then lubricated and statically balanced.

Finally, a dynamic balance should be performed once the propeller is mounted on the aircraft.


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