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We have just one Yak-18A for sale.  It is being overhauled from the frame up.  Every detail has been or is being attended to.  It has many new parts and will be configured for European operations with Mode S transponder & .833 Mhz radio.  See the details below and contact us for more information on the schedule of availability.

Year: 1957, Reg: tba, Based: Ukraine



The Yak-18A was once a popular Soviet Air Force machine, based on the Yak-18U and built in large numbers.  Today, it is a rare retro 2-seat training aerobatic aircraft with a 260hp Ivchenko AI-14 9-cylinder radial engine,   It differs from the Yak-52 in engine power and whereas the Yak 52 was designed as an aerobatics aircraft, the 18A was designed as a training aircraft. The Yak 18A has dihedral wings whereas the 52 does not.

It is often confused with the Chinese Nangchang CJ5 aircraft but they are quite different.  In fact, this aircraft inspired the creation of the Nanchang CJ6/CJ6A and exhibits similar characteristics of stability to that of the much later 18T.  The Chinese took the 18A design under license from the Yakovlev Design Bureau first as the CJ5 and essentially uprated it to deliver the popular and often preferred CJ6 & CJ6A.  This included a tail modification, more powerful engine and a variety of structural enhancements.

The propeller  mounted on the Yak-18A is the traditional Speriott V530TA-D35 two-blade wooden variable pitch propeller and the aircraft has semi-retractable undercarriage.  Braking, starting and flap system are all operated by the common Yakovlev pneumatic air system.

At the time of writing, only 2 Yak 18As are registered and flying in the UK G-CEIB and G-BMJY.


This Yak=18A is currently being fully restored in Ukraine, it is based just outside of the Kharkiv region.  The aircraft is undergoing a total restoration and shares will be sold with spares, English manual and will be moved onto the most appropriate register as required.  It is being restored to the original specification with an extended wing tank modification giving it some serious range. 

It will be painted in drab olive green which was one of the original DOSAAF paint schemes.  The final scheme detail will be agreed with the shareholder group.

All parts have been prepared, overhauled or resourced and therefore nothing is missing.  The low time engine has been fully overhauled and re-mounted.  The airframe has been covered with new fabric and is  about to enter the paint shop.

If you are looking for  an unusual yet imposing touring aircraft of a less raw aerobatic nature and fully overhauled then the Yak-18A could be the right option for you.  Take a look at this demonstration.


Please contact us if you are interested in acquiring a share of this aircraft.  It is intended to be UK registered on a Permit to Fly and possibly based at EGLD / Denham.  A Mode S transponder and .833 Mhz radio will be fitted once in the UK.  Share costs will be based around a new group and from £13,500 per share up to £27,000 depending on the number of shareholders. Usual company ownership / group management terms will apply. Radial experience essential.

  • ORIGINAL MANUFACTURER: Yakovev Design Bureau

    CATEGORY: Military Trainer



    Max level: 340km/h, 183kts

    Nominal Cruise: 246km/h, 132kts

    Range: 825m/1,320km

    Take-off run: 215m, ~710ft

    Landing distance: 250m, ~825ft


    Empty weight: 1,025kg

    MTOW: 1,320kg; 

    Useful load: 295kg

    Pilots/Passengers: 1/1


    Fuel Type: AvGas

    Fuel Capacity: 230 litres (up from 100 litres)

    Duration: ~5.4hrs no reserve (based on 42lph)


    Year: 1957

    TTSN: 754 hrs

    SMOH: 0 hrs


    Year: 1960

    Type: Ivchenko AI-14R 260hp 9-cylinder radial

    Weight: 214kg (471lbs)

    TTSN: 303 hrs

    SMOH: 0 hrs

    TBO: 500 hrs


    Year: 2017 overhaul

    Type: Speriott V530TA-D35 2-blade, Variable Pitch

    TTSN: 0 hrs

    SMOH: 0 hrs

    TBO: 500 hrs

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