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We have several Yak-18T aircraft currently for sale.  Three are in Ukraine as complete projects in different condition.  All have sub-1,000hr Vedeneyev M14-P 360hp radial engines.

The other is an airworthy example currently flying in Australia.  It has been very well cared for fitted with excellent avionics.  A great aircraft for anyone serious about owning an 18T.

See the details below and contact us for more information on the schedule of availability.

Year: 1979-1983, Reg: tba, Based: Ukraine



Unlike the Yak 18A, which was designed to train pilots prior moving into military jets, the Yak 18T was initially designed for training pilots before moving on to Aeroflot as commercial pilot cadets.

It was purposely designed and manufactured as a robust but flexible 4-seat touring aircraft with the added bonus of aerobatic capabilities.  In recent times, many of these aircraft have been brought back to life via complete mechanical and cosmetic overhauls, with custom paint schemes, extended fuel tanks and executive leather interior being the most common options.  

Many modifications are currently available for the 18T.  The M14-P can be altered to deliver 400hp (M14-PF) and the propeller can be exchanged for a 3-blade German MTV-9-260 or similar.  The cockpit windows can be streamlined, the split-flap system can be replaced with a full wing-mounted multi-stage flap system, extended inverted fuel and oil systems, extended wing tip and extended wing tanks can also be fitted.  Regarding the extra 40hp or so from the -PF, this is worth considering if the timing is right and you have extended range or desire improved STOL and cruise performance.  The Yak 18T is a strong contender for the pilot who wants both aerobatic capability and good touring ability as opposed to one or the other.  Nominal cruise speeds are relatively modest and the M14-P tends to burn between 50-60lph depending on the flying regime.

It is certainly worthy of consideration, especially when value for money is a key factor in the decision to purchase an overhauled aircraft.  The 18T is a complex aircraft - it has a 360hp 9-Cylinder M14-P radial engine with both retractable gear and variable pitch propeller, clearly not your average Piper or Cessna.  A lot of pilots are choosing these aircraft for their charisma and airfield presence, let alone the relatively unusual combination of combined touring and aerobatic capability.  For a more detailed look at this aircraft, an unofficial English version of the Yak 18T Flight Operations Manual is available in MS Word format.

Whichever way you turn with the 18T, we recommend you seek unbiased advice when considering any modifications.  Make sure you have the facts first and seek reliable information about the effects that some of these modifications can have on reliability and performance 


All of our Yak=18Ts are in storage pending client interest.  None of them have any crash or accident history and we have 100% of the parts required new/overhauled/replacement in stock to complete all 3 aircraft.  They are based in Ukraine, just outside of the Kharkiv region.  

Each aircraft will undergo a total restoration which will include brand new extended wing tanks to 320l, executive leather interior with sound dampening, new cockpit glass, custom paint scheme and a choice of propellers and avionics.  A custom panel will be constructed to accommodate your preferred avionics layout.  An English manual will be provided, as will maintenance tool kit and external air charging hose.


Please contact us if you are interested in acquiring your own Yak-18T overhauled to order.  

Price: €85,000

Based on a basic configuration, cost of additional modifications to be agreed in addition.

  • ORIGINAL MANUFACTURER: Yakovev Design Bureau

    CATEGORY: Trainer



    Max level: 300km/h, 162kts

    Nominal Cruise: 220km/h, 118kts

    Range: 800nm/1,280km

    Take-off run: 350m, ~1,155ft

    Landing distance: 350m, ~1,155ft


    Empty weight: 1,217kg

    MTOW: 1,650kg; 

    Useful load: 433kg

    Pilots/Passengers: 2/2


    Fuel Type: AvGas

    Fuel Capacity: 323 litres (up from 193 litres)

    Duration: ~5.5hrs no reserve (based on 54lph)


    Year: 1980

    TTSN: 777 hrs

    SMOH: 0 hrs


    Year: 1960

    Type: Vedeneyev M14-P 360hp 9-cylinder radial

    Weight: 314kg (691lbs)

    TTSN: 343 hrs

    SMOH: 0 hrs

    TBO: 500 hrs


    Year: 2017 overhaul

    Type: Speriott V530TA-D35 2-blade, Variable Pitch

    TTSN: 0 hrs

    SMOH: 0 hrs

    TBO: 500 hrs

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