M601-B & M601-D OVERHAUL

Expired Walter GE M601-B's and M601-D's are available for a low acquisition cost; in some parts, they are abundant - but not for without reason.  The cost to replenish a TBO on these turboprop engines is substantial and often makes no sense economically.

However, if you're building an experimental turboprop aircraft and are looking for a sensibly priced engine with at least an 750hr TBO, then read on.


An increasing number of new Experimental Turboprop aircraft examples are being built in the US; which is great for General Aviation and homebuilders.

Option 1
Customer supplies OEM parts
120 days turnaround

Cost: €75,000 plus shipping

Turnaround time: 120 days

Customer is obliged to supply specified parts within 20-30 days following receipt of post-inspection requirements.

All relevant bulletins valid at the date of overhaul are performed as part of the overhaul.

Option 2
Authorised repair centre supplies OEM parts
100 days turnaround

Cost: €125,000 plus shipping

Turnaround time: 100 days

All relevant bulletins valid at the date of overhaul are performed as part of the overhaul.


M601-B Turboprop Engines

New TBO: 750hrs
Cycles: 1,000 cycles
Years: 5 years
Guarantee: 300 flight hours, 12 months, whichever is first

M601-D Turboprop Engines

New TBO: 1,500hrs
Cycles: 2,250 Cycles
Service life: 5 years
Guarantee: 500 flight hours, 750 cycles, 12 months, whichever is first


1. Overhaul duration starts upon engine receipt in Ukraine and in receipt of cleared funds

2. Overhaul completion may be earlier than the specified period

3. The cost of shipping is borne by the customer

4. The quality of the overhaul is guaranteed by the plant authorised by the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine which has a valid Certificate of Approval of the Organization of Technical Service

5. The cost shown above is subject to market conditions and may vary without prior notice, it should therefore be used as a guide price

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