Yak-aviation has been selling aircraft, engines, parts and propellers since 2003.  As we began to deplete our own stock, we became focused on brokering deals between energised sellers and adament buyers.  We maintain a strong network of suppliers and their products and services and our mission is to facilitate effective deals globally.

Whether you are interested in aircraft, engines, propellers or overhaul services, hopefully we can help put you in the right direction.

Contact us with your questions; we're less sales led than other more prominent players in the market and happy to take your questions and help where we can. For reference, over 80% of the questions we receive involve offering references about leading suppliers. If you're not sure, drop one of us an email, we're happy help where we can.


Led by Alex Berry, Yak-aviation comprises of Vertical Scientific & Stock Trading Co. in Kharkov, Ukraine and Flying-Spirits in the UK, our two operational sites.  English speaking in the UK, Russian/Ukrainian speaking in Ukraine.

Alex is a PPL holder with a wealth of product leadership and consultancy experience, having spent some 25yrs working commercially with enterprises, startups business and a broad spectrum of corporates.

We have a large warehouse, dedicated workshops and paint facilities outside of the Kharkov region where all the work is carried out by a dedicated team of qualified aviation engineers and technicians.  Our extensive list of suppliers have their own operations dotted around the globe.

Our team of representatives help to provide clients with access to a wealth of product options.

Vertical Scientific and Industrial Stock Trading Company Ltd

Historically, Vertical was conducting business in a number of different markets. In 2002, the directors decided to focus all of the company's efforts on aviation and span-off the alternative revenue streams. Today, it is engaged in a number of aviation projects, many of which are innovative and next generation in nature. The business is run by Sergei Aleksandrov. As an individual, he is a well connected, qualified aviation engineer and a talented achiever.

Prior to forming the aviation department within Vertical back in 1989, Sergei formed two aviation clubs. The first of which was for students of aviation when he was one, in 1972. The club grew to over 50 members, each contributing to the design and manufacture of small planes and gliders. They all loved to work with new and challenging projects but the club concentrated on building small aircraft, 5 in total. It ran for 14yrs with members engaged in a variety of activities, namely aircraft design, construction and modification.

In 1980, Sergei graduated from Kharkov Aviation Institute and decided to form, along with some 15 other people, a new club called "Free Flight". This club ran for 5yrs and in 1988, it built its first Motorglider (now for sale on this site). Sergei formed Free Flight when he was working at an aviation factory near Kharkov airport. He met several interesting and driven people who all wanted to work on more challenging and innovative aviation projects. After they built the motorglider, their combined creativity came up with a new aircraft and methodology for teaching people to fly.

The aircraft and method used to learn to fly did not require dual aircraft controls or an instructor! Each summer, Free Flight members tought over 30 people to fly using this new method and aircraft. Free Flight continued to operate and began to attract many aviation specialists. It acquired qualified Yak 18T flying instructors, aviation engineers, aviation technicians, air traffic controllers and specialists in artistic design, mechanical, technical and aerodynamic engineering; about 20 talented individuals, many of whom help to form the business activities of Vertical today.

From 1990, Sergei studied and flew Russian Yakovlev aircraft.  Along with a number of friends, they learnt how to repair, maintain and overhaul them. They overhauled everything from the undercarriage, wings, fuel tanks, propeller's and M-14P engines.  Over the course of the next 2 years they maintained and overhauled some 5 Yak 18T's before in 1993 embarking on a new and most exciting project called T-1.  During 1993-95, they produced detailed designs, schemes, models, options, modifications, performance charts and overhaul documents for the T-1 thus planning to deliver a powerful 6-seat, multi-surface, STOL, 760hp turboprop aircraft. The concept for the T-1 was later moved forward and a doner aircraft was found and fitted with the Walter M601-B turboprop engine.  See T-1 for more details.

Yak-aviation & Flying-Spirits Ltd

Whilst Vertical's offices are based in Kharkov, Ukraine, the UK offices are based in London and i mainly responsible for Worldwide sales and customer support.

Our objectives are -

  • To continue delivering quality parts, engines, propellers for aircraft and providing bespoke engineering services helping aircraft remain airworthy and safe
  • To be collaborative and partner with other suppliers of engines, parts and services in a meaningful and mutually beneficial way that benefits the aviation community
  • To continue manufacturing brand new replacement parts for aircraft e.g. fuel tanks, cockpit glass, cowlings, covers, interior etc
  • To continue being competitive by keeping our prices fair and below that of other suppliers offering the same parts
  • Not to be involved with any aircraft that has dubious history or is an unknown quantity and never to represent sellers of aircraft, engines or propellers without complete and original log books and to achieve compliance and certification for airframe, engine and propeller overhauls either directly or through our supplier network

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