A great deal of attention to detail is required to totally refurbish a cockpit and our engineers can either do just that or we can offer a replacement leather kit for some of the Yak's that enable you to do it yourself.  Whichever approach you take, the resulting effort is more than worthwhile.

Engineers first strip out the old cockpit and line the inner shell with sound proofing materials. These increase pilot and passenger comfort by helping to dampen engine sound.  The upgrade transforms the interior of an outdated 

Example replacement Yak 18T executive leather interior  (different colours available)

In the 18T and T-1, they finish the seats, panels and shelves in leather and place new carpets, window frames, inner cockpit materials, rudder pans and pedals - they also place new fabric above the pilot and co-pilot to block the sun. The difference is certainly worth while. On the 18T and T-1 this new modern interior combined with the large cockpit area, gives one the impression of being in a luxury car.

If your aircraft is in need of a cosmetic update then we recommend one of our designer paint schemes with new leather interior - when the work is finished, it is like getting a new aircraft back!

The cockpit refurbishment for the Yak-18A/50 & 52 types is slightly different given the nature of the aircraft, but the same effort and detail goes into the work, resulting in a completely updated cockpit environment with new paint, sound dampening and new leather.

  • Price: Yak-18A/50/52: €2,200
  • Price: Yak-18T/T-1: €4,200

This pricing information is to be considered in conjunction with additional pricing conditions and is subject to change without notice. In all cases, Yak-Aviation will supply a quote that relates to pre-specified requirements, special modifications and any agreed discounts. Quotes are valid for 28 days from issue.

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