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We are now manufacturing our own brand of single-seat training gliders - the ASP-1.  Made from modern materials, it is lightweight self-build kit with an impressive 100kg payload.  It is an ideal robust trainer.  Student pilots will receive an adequate level of proficiency with just a few days of training.

We also have a small selection of gliders for sale including a Pezetel SZD-36 COBRA 15 and Kortion, a single seat motor glider.

Based: Ukraine, Price: from €4,000 +shipping



Yak-aviation is now manufacturing its first single-seat training glider initially called ASP-1.  This unique training glider is made from modern materials, it is lightweight with an impressive 100kg payload.  The glider is robust and ideal for training children as well as spritely adults and everyone in between. Student pilots will receive an adequate level of proficiency with just a few days of training.

An initial interest in a general aviation career can often start with a training flight in a glider or a single engine light aircraft. Simple, affordable, robust yet versatile training gliders are in short supply, especially ones built from modern lightweight materials. An abundance of glider expertise is available and new two-seat pre-built variants are starting to appear but surprisingly few manufacturers have taken their inventions to market.


The aircraft was designed in Ukraine by Sergei Aleksandrov. Sergei is an aviation expert with several decades of glider and motor glider design experience. His expertise extends to glider construction, running glider clubs and teaching. He is also an accomplished qualified engineer, and repairs, maintains and advises on Yakovlev and Antonov aircraft.

The design features of the ASP-1 provide a glider that is safe, robust and easy to master. This makes it ideal for glider schools and getting students airborne quickly. It will be available as a rapid, self-build kit aircraft, which is aligned well to the STEM educational system. Historically, ASP-1 draws some similarities from a variety of gliders including the BRO-11-M and the LAK-16A, which were frequently found in Soviet youth gliding schools as well as the UK developed Elliotts Primary EoN Type 7 SG-38.

The aircraft is made of various materials including: aluminium, metal, wood, carbon, plastic.


  • Impressive 100kg useful load
  • Mechanical control system: ailerons, rudder, elevator
  • Self-orienting, non-steerable tail wheel
  • Three-wheel non-retractable landing gear with shock absorption
  • Easily removable wings for rapid de-rigging and transportation
  • Rapid self-build kit with easy to follow instructions
  • Winch or truck tow launch
  • Can be purchased branded or unbranded


In combination with basic FSX or Prepar3D 2D and Virtual Reality (VR) flight simulation training, the initial training period is reduced and helps the student demonstrate comfort and confidence with the basics of flight as a prerequisite to their first airchair flight experience.

A winch can pull the glider along the ground using a fully detachable static line, or a truck can achieve the same effect with sufficient ground clearance, 200-225m is usually sufficient to become airborne.  

With prior understanding of stick and rudder movements and some simulator time, children will quickly learn how to raise the tail, rotate the glider to commence flight and then land in a safe and controlled manner.  

Additional training time will enable students to make controlled turns with greater landing precision. As the pilot abilities grow, the winch speed can be increased to offer a more significant experience.


Clear build instructions enable anyone, especially children, to build the ASP-1 with minimal tooling and guidance.  Note: it is essential that all glider build steps are overseen by suitably qualified adults.

PRICING: enquire, trade & direct

  • ORIGINAL MANUFACTURER: Sergei Aleksandrov, Yak-aviation

    CATEGORY: Single-seat training glider



    Year: 2017

    TTSN: 0 hrs

    SMOH: 0 hrs


    Max level: 100km/h, 54kts

    Stall speed: 38km/h, 21kts

    Max glide ratio; 13.9:1 @ 60km/h, 33kts

    Rate of sink: 1.2m/s


    Empty weight: 70kg (154lbs)

    MTOW: 170kg (375lbs)

    Useful load: 100kg (220lbs)

    Launch method: Winch / tow truck

    g-limits: +5.5 / -2.75

    Pilots/Passengers: 1/0

    SHIPPING: Worldwide


    Length: 5.38m (17ft 8in)

    Wingspan: 10m (32ft 8in)

    Wing area: 10.5m sq (113 sq ft)


    The ASP-1 is intended for flight school training or as a self-build kit.  The airframe structure is built from aluminium, metal, wood, carbon and plastic.  

    The 3-wheel undercarriage system is shock absorbed for anticipated heavy / less well controlled landings.  

    The wings are easily detachable by one person making it highly convenient for trailer transportation.

    The nose skid doubles as a tow hook and the tailwheel is a self-orienting, non-steerable type.


    The ASP-1 represents a safe financial investment as completed kit aircraft can be sold on for at least twice the original outlay - assuming any defects resolved.

    Individual parts are available for purchase to ensure that the investment is protected after several years of use.



We have one Cobra 15 Glider for sale.  It is a single seat aerobatic soarer.  It was made in Poland in 1974.  The type first flew in early 1970 and developed from the SZD-24 Foka.  This aircraft is a small project for us and needs to repainting and a minor overhaul prior to sale.  It will be sold with parachute, log books and a portable air canister. It was last overhauled in 1983.  It is made of a quality wooden construction, and is a fully aerobatic glider suitable for PPL holders.  Made to top quality technical specification. Has retractable undercarriage wheel.

The Cobra 15 is a simple aircraft to fly.  The cabin style ensures perfect visibility and comfort while the exterior styling and fuselage offer maximum performance.  The Cobra offers a fantastic experience for those who find comfort from not having an engine.

Price: offers around €8,500

Based on a basic configuration, cost of additional modifications to be agreed in addition.


    CATEGORY: Sport Glider



    Year: 1974

    TTSN: 752 hrs

    SMOH: 287 hrs


    Max level: 250km/h, 135kts

    Stall speed: 67km/h, 36kts

    Max glide ratio; 38 @ 97km/h, 52kts

    Rate of sink: 0.72m/s @ 73km/h. 39kts (142ft/min)


    Empty weight: 275kg

    MTOW: 450kg; 

    Useful load: 175kg

    Pilots/Passengers: 1/0


    Nearly 300 Cobra 15's were developed and they were mostly constructed of wood with a plywood skinned fuselage and built up wings.  The cockpit was made of fibreglass.

    The aircraft had +6/-3 g limits and Vne and it is a popular aerobatic machine.  However, there have been cases where the wing attachment assemblies have aged causing structural failure.

    The British Gliding Association  issued a Safety Alert for owners of Cobra gliders in 2007, following a fatal accident caused by the wing attachment mechanism.

    Prospective buyers are urged to research the required wing enhancements / modifications in advance.



We have one motor glider built and flown by aviation club enthusiasts. It has a 22hp 2-Cylinder engine and a 2-blade wooden propeller.  This aircraft was designed and built by aviation students.  

It is primarily a glider but has the benefit of a small engine for the initial ascent.  The design led to its production in 1989 when its first flight was recorded.  Over the next 2yrs it was flown for 20 hrs.  This aircraft is to be sold with new paint and overhauled engine.

Price: offers circa. €4,000 +shipping

Based on a basic configuration, cost of additional modifications to be agreed in addition.

  • ORIGINAL MANUFACTURER: "Free Flight" Aviation Club

    CATEGORY: Ultralight Motor Glider

    CURRENT LOCATION: Karkhiv, Ukraine


    Year: 1989

    TTSN: 20 hrs

    SMOH: 20 hrs


    Max level: 90km/h, 48kts

    Cruise speed: 60km/h, 32kts

    Rotation speed: 45km/h, 24kts

    Approach speed: 35km/h, 19kts

    Take-off distance: 50m (165ft)

    Landing distance: 30m (100ft)

    Fuel capacity: 3 litres

    Duration: 15 minutes

    Pilots/Passengers: 1/0


    This aircraft has been stored for a while and requires a minor overhaul and fresh paint in order to bring it back to condition.  Interested parties should contact us for a schedule of availability and for details of the aircraft. 

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