At first glance, you might think the concept old or worthy of a comic book; don't be fooled - Odyssey is advanced, and not just in appearance! Odyssey has advanced aerodynamic, flight, economy, style and performance characteristics that the aviation market has demanded for decades. Many man years of development and testing have led to multiple patentable innovations where the intellectual capital alone is just waiting to be tapped.


Odyssey is a next generation aircraft that the market needs today. Backed by a well thought-out business plan; Vertical is now seeking venture capital to take this project to the next phase of development: to develop a flying Odyssey Prototype.


Odyssey is intended for executive, business and official flights. The turboprop power plant delivers desirable reliability, performance and economy in a safer, enclosed unit.

With flexible configurations, the cockpit is ideal for executive meetings, private passengers and transportation of various load types.


The unusual wing design secures aircraft stability and reliability alongside excellent flight performance.

The arrangement of the power plant in the tail provides a perfect view from the cockpit and outstanding comfort for pilots and passengers.


On board avionics, satellite communication and air navigation systems ensure modern all round domestic and international performance.

The parachute recovery system raises operational safety even with full payload.


This unique combination of advanced aviation techniques delivers an aircraft with impressive range and STOL performance.


Patentable innovations, detailed plans, cockpit designs, scaled models, performance charts, aerodynamic and stability tests and much more have been produced. Further information about Project Odyssey has not been published. Interested parties are encouraged to contact us directly for a confidential discussion.


Max. take-off mass: 2,800kg, 6,160lbs

Commercial landing: 600kg, 1,320lbs

Fuel mass: 1,200kg, 2,640lbs

Power installation: P&W PT6 or Walter M601-x

Engine horsepower: ~760hp

Fuel: TC-1 Diesel

Max. speed: 550kph, 295kts

Cruising speed: 400kph, 215kts

Take-off/Landing distance: 500m/300m

Range: 4,000km, 2,480m

Practical altitude: 5,000m, 16,400ft

Dimensions (Length): 9.6m, 31.5ft

Dimensions (Span): 10m, 32.8ft

Dimensions (Height): 3.8m, 12.4ft

Crew/passengers: 2/4

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