We are seeing an increasing volume of customers asking us to take their unserviceable engines, propellers and parts and replace them with serviceable ones.   Here's how...

Exchange old items quickly and at the best possible price

The major advantage to part exchanging is that the residual value of your unserviceable items is immediately offset against the outstanding amount to be paid, therefore reducing the outlay.

To start the process, we will ask you to answer a few questions about the condition of the items that you would like to part exchange, e.g. year of manufacture, TTSN, TBO, TSO, TCO or SMOH hours, general description of the condition, images and possibly some video.

Based on this information we will make an initial appraisal and extend an offer or propose an adjustment on a quotation.

There is no obligation to accept our valuation.  In some cases, we may not offer a part exchange option.  We will require the item to be part exchanged to be in our possession before we make the shipment.  However, each transaction is specific to each client requirement.


Alternatively, if you would like us to appraise an item for potential part exchange without the purchase of a replacement from us then please get in touch.  Your situation may call for a non-standard approach and we would be pleased to discuss your requirements.

Terms & Conditions of Part Exchange

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