Applying to used aircraft, engines, propellers, instruments & parts


These terms and conditions are intended to contain all of the terms of the agreement (the “Agreement”) between us (as the vendor) and you (as the purchaser) relating to the sale and purchase of the used items indicated for part exchange (the "Part Exchange Item/s”, i.e. plural if multiple items are intended for part exchange).

You must provide us with any information we need in order to assess the items that you are intending to part exchange. This information may included detailed digital images, serial numbers, evidence of TTSN, TBO, TSOH hours e.g. log boogs, etc.


Our appraisal typically provides an adjustment against the invoice amount and may be itemised or consider multiple items as a single invoice adjustment value.  

The appraisal value is valid for a period of 7 days, after which time we reserve the right to reappraise the items.  


If we have agreed to accept a Part Exchange Item at an agreed value in part payment of the Purchase Price for other goods, we shall only be bound to do so if the Part Exchange Items are:

  • Free from any hire purchase agreements, charges or other encumbrances (together "Encumbrances”) which you did not disclose to us before the date of order
  • Delivered to our place of business before we deliver the Item/s to you
  • In the same condition on delivery to us as it was when we examined it before agreeing the Part Exchange invoice adjustment value
  • Free from any problems or difficulties except those specifically brought to our attention when we agreed to accept the Part Exchange Item/s; and you have full title to the Part Exchange Item/s.

If you fail to satisfy any of the above conditions, we will not be obliged to accept the Part Exchange Item/s or to allow the Part Exchange invoice adjustment to affect the Purchase Price and you may be required to pay the full Purchase Price before you can take delivery.  

At this point, if you wish to withdraw from the purchase agreement you will be obliged to:

  • cover the full cost of the return shipment of your item
  • potentially sacrifice any holding deposit already paid to us

If the payment required to release the Part Exchange Item/s absolutely from any Encumbrances is greater than the amount you disclosed to us before the date of order, or if the Part Exchange Item/s are delivered in a worse condition or with an unreasonable deviation from the pre-described condition, we may nevertheless at our discretion agree with you a reduced Part Exchange invoice adjustment value and accept the Part Exchange Item/s.


  1. If you cancel the agreement before the Items for part exchange arrive with us, we will refund your deposit and, ship your items back to you solely at your cost and discretion, we shall have no further liability to you
  2. If you decide not to pay for return shipment of your items due to order cancellation then we shall have no further liability to you
  3. If you decide not to communicate with us for more than 10 working days about the return shipment of your items then we shall have no further liability to you and the items shall not be returned
  4. If we decide to cancel an agreement when the Part Exchange Item/s are already in our posession and the items fully meet the supplied description, then we may, at our discretion return your Part Exchange Items back to you - at our cost and re-adjust the invoice as appropriate


All Part Exchange Items will continue to belong to us until the total Purchase Price has been paid in full and the Purchase Price has been received by us in the form of cleared funds. You will, however, be responsible for any loss or damage from when it is delivered to you or delivered into custody on your behalf, and shall insure it accordingly. Ownership of the Part Exchange Item/s will transfer to us when you take delivery of the items detailed in your purchase invoice.


Part Exchange Item/s each have a warranty period as described on the invoice. If no warranty period is detailed on the invoice for a Part Exchange Item then it should be considered that the item has no warranty associated with it, express or implied.


Unless set out otherwise below, we limit our liability for any breach of this Agreement (and for any other liability arising out of or connected to this Agreement) to the amount of the Purchase Price for the Part Exchange Item/s. We expressly exclude all liability for loss of profit, goodwill or contracts and for any indirect, consequential or economic loss.


This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of England, and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England and shall be governed and construed in accordance with UK law.

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