T-1 by Vertical is a modified Yak-18T with a Walter M601 turboprop engine with reverse link system.  It has a V508-B 3-blade aluminium propeller, 6-seats in a flexible configuration.  Sound dampened executive leather interior compliments the cockpit and overall aircraft comfort.  

An optional retractable amphibious undercarriage is also available.  It is fully-detachable by just one person.

The T-1 is intended for passenger transport, small commercial loads, parachute dropping, mail delivery, pilot instruction, medical and ambulance services, patrolling (woods, pipeline, power transmissions) or even fish stock exploration. It can be used as a dispatch plane and official transport for industry and agriculture. 


The T-1 proposition is suitable for the US Experimental register or equivalent and is ideal for those needing robustness, flexibility as well as performance in a single package.   

This wealth of practicality is supported by sanitary, passenger and multi-purpose options that can be selected by the client.  The T-1 is capable of remarkable multi-surface STOL performance.

The Czech. built Walter M-601 turboprop engine has a reverse link system that further aids STOL performance by reversing the propeller pitch during the landing run. See more engine details.


The Walter M601 series engines have been designed for commuter, agricultural, and trainer aircraft.  The T-1 currently has the M601-B engine variant mounted.  We recommend M601-D or E variants to propsective clients, however, this is not essential.

The Walter M601 engine is a free power turbine turboprop engine featuring two independent parts: the gas generator and power section.  Air enters the engine in the rear part, flows forward through the compressor, combustion chamber, and turbines and exits through exhaust nozzles near the front of the engine.

The 657shp provides plenty of take-off and cruise power for the relatively light Yak airframe.



Year: 1980, TTSN: 941 hrs
MTOW: 1,900 kg
Max Load: 780 kg
Fuel Capacity: 480 litres
Fuel Mass: 390 kg
Seating: 6 (2/4 flexible)


Type: Walter M601-B
Power: 657 shp (760 ehp max)
Year: 1979
TTSN: 2,825 hrs
SMOH: 0 hrs
Fuel: TC-1 Diesel


Type: Avia V508-B (Czech. S.S.R)
Year: 1986
TTSN: 2,183 hrs
SMOH: 0 hrs


Max speed: 250 kts
Cruise speed: 170 kts
Take-off Distance: 250m
Landing Distance: 250m
Max range: 1,200m
Duration: to 5.5hrs + 45mins 
Service Ceiling: 4,000 m


Length: 9.2 m
Span: 11.2 m
Height: 3.4 m


The T-1 is based at our new premises in Kharkov, Ukraine.  We are inviting expressions of interest from private parties to contact us for an overview of the aircraft.  We are happy to host you as our guest in Ukraine should you be sufficiently interested to inspect the aircraft in person and discuss configuration options.   To be sold with new lifed items, fabric and paint scheme to your choice.

Price: €150,000 - €230,000

*depending on engine choice, instrumentation, optional amphibious undercarriage, final configuration & delivery

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