We have overhauled an original flush riveted Yak-52 from the ground up. Originally manufactured by the Yakovlev Design Bureau in Moscow. The airframe and Vedeneyev M14-P engine have very low TTSNs and a new stainless steel exhaust. It is based in Ukraine and the overhaul is complete and now awaiting final customer specification for finishing.

If you are serious about owning a Yak 52, this could be the right aircraft for you. Please read the details below before enquiring and contact us for more information on the schedule of availability.

The aircraft can be sold 'as is' or complete with bespoke paint scheme and design. Please note, AD's 59, 60 and 107 have not been done. If this is a requirement in your country, then please factor in additional cost.
Year: 1981, Price: from €75,000 (negotiable) depending on final specification, Reg: tba, Based: Ukraine



The Yak-52 aircraft was initially designed for military pilot training.  It become popular with Westerners following the break up of the Soviet Union where the economies of scale between East and West represented an opportunity for low cost aircraft overhaul and acquisition.  Over the last 10yrs, the economic gap has adjusted making the acquisition of aircraft and parts more challenging.

Many pilots and groups opt for the Yak-52 because of its relatively low cost and high performance compared to that of a similar category aircraft.  A much loved and very capable aircraft offering an impressive +7/-5g and intermediate aerobatic capability.

UK registration issues have gradually gone away or become much easier to deal with and in so making the Yak-52 an impressive and very desirable aircraft to choose for the UK.  EASA has also welcomed the Yak-52.  As you would expect from a training aircraft, it has dual controls and is relatively easy to fly a vast array of aerobatic manouvres.

Comprehensive Yak-52 overhauls are common place and many are offered with custom paint schemes, extended fuel, upgraded engine and propeller and even the 100+ service bulletins have been completed and yet the Yak-52 still comes to the West as a worthy competitor at reasonable prices compared to similar Western categories. It's not difficult to see why the Yak-52 is a serious option for pilots and groups wanting to get a bit more thrill out of their flying.

The Yak-52 is defined as a complex aircraft; with its 360hp 9-Cylinder M14-P radial engine, retractable gear and variable pitch propeller, it is clearly a step up from the entry level aircraft you learnt in.  It is an venture into the world of aerobatics and along with it, it brings style, charisma and presence to the airfield.

Many modifications for the Yak-52 are currently available. For example, the engine can be upgraded to deliver 400hp (M-14PF), the propeller can be exchanged for a German MTV-9-260 3-blade or similar, extended wing tip tanks can also be fitted.  However, expert advice is required when considering these modifications.  Make sure you have the facts first; reliable information about the effects that some of these modifications can have on reliability and performance is still in demand.


The aircraft is currently based in Ukraine, just outside of the Kharkiv region.  It does not have the recommended service bulletins 59/60 & 107 already incorporated and this has been factored into the price.  However, the history behind the wing spar modification can be summarised as follows: 

  • originally designed for +7/-5 g reduced to +5/-3 g in 1982 until a factory upgrade was fitted
  • upgraded aircraft have a bump on the underside wingroot fairings by the main spar

There is nothing wrong with non-modified, pre-86 Yak-52 aircraft, as long as the reduced g-rating is respected.


The price below includes test flights for airworthiness but is exclusive of delivery, type training, local import taxes and registration.

It includes: new lifed items, overhauled engine, propeller, spinner, new custom paint scheme (designed by you or our designers) or we can paint it back to the DOSAAF scheme if preferred.

It will also be sold with

  • Log books
  • English flight operations manual 
  • 2 Russian parachutes
  • Engine tools
  • Tow bar
  • 2 Russian leather headsets (external throat mic.)
  • New external air charging hose

Additional cost for Western avionics installation e.g. .833Mhz radio and Mode S transponder

Price: €75,000 negotiable

Cost of any additional modifications to be agreed in addition.

  • ORIGINAL MANUFACTURER: Yakovev Design Bureau

    CATEGORY: Trainer



    Max level: 285km/h, 154kts

    Nominal Cruise: 235km/h, 128kts

    Duration: 2.5hrs

    Range: 580km / 365nm

    Take-off distance: ~250m / 825ft

    Landing distance: ~250m / 825ft


    Empty weight: 1,015kg

    MTOW: 1,305kg; 

    Useful load: 290kg

    Pilots/Passengers: 1/1


    Fuel Type: AvGas

    Fuel Capacity: 120 litres (as standard i.e. not extended)


    Year: 1981

    TTSN: 800 hrs

    SMOH: 0 hrs


    Year: 1980

    Type: Vedeneyev M14-P 360hp 9-cylinder radial

    Weight: 314kg (691lbs)

    TTSN: 789 hrs

    SMOH: 0 hrs

    TBO: 500 hrs


    Year: 2017 overhaul

    Type: Speriott V530TA-D35 2-blade, Variable Pitch

    TTSN: 0 hrs

    SMOH: 0 hrs

    TBO: 500 hrs

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